Stunning Diamond Engagement Rings For Under 1000 Dollars

Engagement rings can probably be one of the most important things to decide on while getting committed to someone. An engagement ring can matter quite a lot to one’s partner, as it will be a symbol of the love they will share throughout their lives. It is also something a woman may wear for probably as long as she lives. Hence, it is definitely something to put a good amount of thinking into before making the decision.

Diamond or Not – A Matter of Choice

Now, coming to engagement rings, those with diamonds included are the ones that are considered to be the best. There does seem to be some similar looking ones one can find at a way lower price, but they usually don’t come with a real diamond. Real diamond engagement rings, however, can be quite expensive. And this is probably the reason a lot of guys decide against going with a real diamond engagement ring despite wanting to do so badly. After all, not everyone can afford to pay thousands of dollars on a ring, when they know that they’d have quite a lot of other expenses to take care of as well.

How to deal with the high prices?

This seems to be especially true with people who look for diamond engagement rings for under 1000 Dollars. It is not that there are no diamond engagement rings priced under $1000, but those are far from being very desirable if you are after top-notch quality rings with perfect diamonds. They may carry a real diamond, but the overall look, style and design may just not be good enough.

Well, these challenges don’t mean that one cannot find stunning real diamond engagement rings at prices of less than $1000. It is just that you will have to give up on the traditional mindset which only favors buying from a reputed offline jewelry store and nowhere else. Jewelry stores seem to be overcharging considerably, and hence it may not be possible to find many decent looking diamond rings at these places at a price below $1000.

Turning to Amazon

Amazon can open a whole new world of possibilities for you, helping you find not just decent looking, but some stunning eye-catching real diamond engagement rings for prices considerably less than $1000. In fact, if one is even just willing to pay say about $500, they will be able to find a ton of options, all coming with a real diamond and amazing looks. And no, despite what you think, buying a diamond ring online from Amazon isn’t riskier than buying from a jeweler’s store in your area. Sure, you might not have the advantage of holding your engagement ring in your own hands prior of paying for them. But when purchasing online you are secured in a sense that you can always send back your purchased rings and get your money back in the case that you don’t like them.

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Checking reviews to take care of the trust issue

To get around with trust issues regarding online retailers, you can simply check the reviews of numerous customers who have bought such rings from Amazon in the past. Those with a ‘verified purchase’ tag below their names mean that such people have actually bought the product.

Also, if you go through these reviews, you will find that most of the customers are extremely happy with their purchases. Some even seem to be going on to say that they didn’t managed to find anything impressive at a price of under $1000 offline, but their purchase on Amazon has simply surprised them and exceeded their expectations considerably.

The Diamond Industry

Natural Diamonds

Around 26 tons of diamonds are mined each year. Half of the natural diamonds come from mines located in Southern and Central Africa, the remaining supply comes mostly from mines in India, Russia, Canada, Australia and Brazil.

The diamond mines are typically located near old volcanic pipes, places where diamonds were lifted up from the lithospheric mantle through volcanic eruptions. Within the mines, kimberlite and lamproite ores are brought to the surface, where they are crushed, washed and filtered. This is a pretty difficult process since the main danger is, to accidentally crush bigger, more valuable diamonds.

Today’s diamond industry is mostly in the hand of only a few major players. The South African and England based De Beer corporation controls a significant share of the raw diamond market, both for production and the distribution of diamonds. Only in the recent years their market share dropped from 80% to now below 40%.

Diamond Polisher

Around 90% of all diamonds currently mined are cut and polished in India. This especially holds true for smaller carat diamonds. Relatively low wages in India makes the whole process profitable. Other important cutting and trading centers are Antwerp, Belgium and New York City, USA. On a lesser extent diamonds are traded in London, Tel Aviv and Amsterdam.

Prepared diamond gemstones are sold on diamond exchanges which are called bourses. There are currently 28 registered bourses spread throughout the world. These bourses enable even smaller retailers to buy diamonds in low volumes.

Synthetic Diamonds

Diamonds which originate from a laboratory are called synthetics. Each year, around 100 tons of synthetic diamonds are produced.

Apollo synthetic diamond

These diamonds are mainly produced by the so-called High Pressure High Temperature process, where the environmental conditions of diamond formation zones in the Earth’s mantle are re-created. There is another process to grow diamonds via chemical means. It is called Chemical Vapor Deposition, which is mostly used for coatings.

Due to impurities in the final stone, synthetics often show a yellow color, but can also have other fancy-colors like blue or green for example. Only 0.01% of all natural diamonds have a color.

Diamond Simulants

Multicolor Cubic zirconiaThese kinds of diamonds are made of non-diamond material, mainly of Cubic Zirconia, a crystalline of zirconium dioxide. The material, which nowadays is itself synthesized in chemical industries, is used to grow diamond simulants. These diamonds are not as hard a real diamond stones and are not as reflective, but have some advantages like a cutter being able to do round edges. They are also often times completely colorless, but can also be multicolored.

What is a Diamond Anyway?

The word Diamond is derived from the Greek word adámas, which means unbreakable or indestructible. The meaning has its roots in the special characteristics that a diamond is showing, namely its extraordinary hardness and heat resistance. A diamond is a special form of carbon, where carbon atoms are arranged in a very rigid, cubic lattice structure. Its strong molecular bindings make diamonds the hardest material on Earth. Especially the resistance for scratching makes diamonds the perfect choice for gemstones, but also for industrial tools like diamond saws for example.

Diamond on black background

Diamonds are formed under extreme pressure and heat in the lithospheric mantle, a depth of around 100 miles. They take roughly 1 to an amazing 3 billion years to grow into its natural cubic, octahedral or round shape. Small impurities that can get into a diamond during its growth process can change a stone’s color and shininess.

The stones are brought to or near the surface by volcanic eruptions and, to a lesser extent, by meteorites, either directly as part of the meteorite material or due to the high pressure and heat during the impact. Today around 50% of all diamonds are mined in Central and Southern Africa. But that wasn’t always the case. In the 15th century India was the main worldwide supplier of diamond stones. And it is also believed that diamonds where mined and used already thousands of years ago.

After they are cut, cleaned and polished, today’s diamonds are used as gemstones for all kind of jewelry like rings or bracelets. The price of a diamond can greatly vary because of different factors like its clarity and color for example; usually a complete clear diamond is far more expensive than a colored one. Diamonds are also used for industrial purposes like cutting or grinding. Beside the natural diamonds, there also exist synthetic diamonds, which are entirely made in laboratories. These stones are identical to real diamonds on a molecular level, with most of them showing a yellow color due to nitrogen impurities getting into the diamond lattice during their production. There is another form of diamond-like stones which are called simulants. These stones are made of non-diamond material like Cubic Zirconia, but after the right treatment and cutting they can look almost like real diamonds.

Fun Facts:

  • The biggest diamond in our Universe that the mankind is currently aware of, is located in the center of a white dwarf around 50 light-years away from Earth. Its diameter is believed to be 2,500 miles wide. The largest diamond found on Earth weighs over 3000 carats, which is roughly 1.3 pounds.
  • The diamond market is mainly controlled by the De Beers cartel, keeping the price of diamonds up and the demand high due to worldwide marketing campaigns. Otherwise diamonds would be far cheaper because the yearly supply with around 26 tons is fairly huge. Diamonds are not really that rare as many people believe.
  • A flawless diamond can only be scratched by another diamond with the same or higher purity; however a single blow with a hammer can split the stone in halves.
  • The first diamond engagement ring used for a proposal was given to Mary of Burgundy in 1477 by Maximilian of Austria. The ring was made of pure gold containing the letter M made out of diamonds.

Finding Beautiful Looking Cheap Wedding Rings Under 100 Dollars

A wedding, one of the biggest events in a couple’s life, does not only need a lot of planning, but also costs quite a sum of money. Especially the cost of the right wedding rings is not to be underestimated! There’s no doubt that you won’t buy some cheap fashion jewelry as a sign of your eternal love. You will definitely want something more precious that stands out from the rest. Well, impressive rings usually cost an equally impressive amount of money. But read on, they don’t necessarily have to!

 Finding bargains

It doesn’t actually seem to be a very good idea to settle with something that doesn’t match up to the standard of such a great event. However, wedding rings can actually be quite expensive, and not every couple may be able to afford them with ease, especially the good looking ones. But the thing is, there are also places such couples can head over to and find some great bargains.

As far as the local jewelers are concerned, one hardly stands a chance to find beautiful looking rings at affordable prices. All the regular costs they have to incur on their staff, rent, and other such things don’t let them offer a very convenient price. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find eye-catching wedding rings at a price that is well within your budget. All you need to do is head over to the right place to search for them. Let’s think online!

Amazon – Your #1 Online Jeweler?

Well, yes, Amazon can be the perfect place to search for your dream wedding rings, and at prices you can afford to pay. In fact, even if you are looking for some cheap wedding rings, e.g. rings under 100 Dollars, you will be able to find quite a few great looking wedding rings. Furthermore, some seem to be priced as low as well under $30, and that is saying something, given the usual high costs of wedding rings.

Here is a small hand-picked sample of cheap yet beautiful wedding rings:

Wedding rings that stand out

Just because we are talking about low priced wedding rings, doesn’t mean you will have to compromise on the style, design, or even the diamond they come with, if at all you choose rings that come with a diamond. In fact, a quick search for your desired type of wedding rings on the site will leave you overwhelmed with the options. You will find some surprisingly high quality and beautiful looking rings at prices as low as just about $10 to $70. This means that there will be quite a lot of options you would be able to choose from even if you have a budget of less than $100.

What more, you can also take advantage of the tons of deals available on the site, to grab wedding rings at discounts of well over 50 percent. All in all, it doesn’t seem it can get any better when it comes to buying the type of wedding rings you will love at surprisingly affordable prices.

The Black Diamond Engagement Rings’ Meaning

Diamond engagement rings are beautiful and gorgeous looking pieces of jewelry. They also seem to have become pretty popular lately. And with big online retailers offering some impressively discounted deals, buying such rings is becoming more and more affordable too.

So what does it mean to wear a black diamond ring?

The color black is usually associated with darkness, death or fear and you may ask, how does that fit together with an engagement, a lovely and romantic act of showing your loved-one that you want to be with him or her forever?

Well, black can also stay for power, strength, confidence or certainty, like in the sense of emphasizing your will of staying with your friend or soon-to-be wife/husband in good and bad times. Black diamonds are pretty rare types of gemstones and thus wearing a black diamond engagement ring may speak love to your partner way better than some boring fashion jewelry.

You should ask yourself if a black engagement ring really fits with your personal style. And, this is important, you should also see if your partner likes that special diamond color too. If you both are okay with the black color, go for it! If you are not entirely sure if you really should choose a black engagement ring as your love symbol, just have a look at other styles and types of diamond rings. Beside black, there are many more colors to select from, be it blue, yellow or even pink. Choices are nearly endless.

Where does the black come from anyway?

Diamonds in general grow naturally over a time frame of up to 3 billions of years, around 100 miles below Earth’s surface. High pressure and temperatures slowly press Carbon into its highly rigid crystal structure, which in the end forms the diamond stone itself. During that incredible long time span there is the possibility that small particles enter that structure and get contained within the diamond itself. These small impurities, even tiniest quantities of them, can give a diamond its color. In the case of black diamonds, the color is often caused by particles of graphite or sulfides. Check this wikipedia article about diamond colors if you need more information.

Since natural occurring imperfections in such diamonds are often not enough to make for a perfect uniformly black colored stone (they usually appear more grey than black), color enhancement techniques are used to make the stones appear more solid and dark. Such treatments don’t have an impact on durability of these stones, but help for making them look even more pretty and valuable.

Where can I find black diamond rings?

You can surely ask your local jeweler about the types of diamond rings. But you can be assured that they will charge a comparable hefty price if you want to buy one such ring. Going the online route is far more effective, both in terms of cheaper prices and also in making the right choices of which ring to buy and which ring not to buy.

Here you can find a list of awesome black diamond rings!

Amazon for example has a huge collection of all different types of black diamond engagement rings. The real advantage of using an online retailer lies in their user reviews. You can greatly minimize your personal risk of choosing a bad diamond ring by reading reviews from real people that already bought these rings. Many times it happens that a ring is praised for all its shininess and bells and whistles, but in the end turns out to be the complete opposite of what was advertised. Customer reviews help you greatly in avoiding such situations.

Cheap Black Diamond Engagement Rings at Prices You Can Afford

Deciding on a diamond engagement ring can be quite confusing at times because they come in such a wide range of variety that choosing the ‘right’ one can get really challenging. To give you a nice recommendation of a fairly popular type of diamonds, what do you think about choosing a black diamond ring?

A short overview about black diamond engagement rings

These rings are a particular type of diamond engagement rings that may turn out to be a great option even if you don’t know much about diamond rings. They seem to be getting particularly popular lately, thanks to looking very bold and beautiful, and also because of what somebody wants to express with that particular color (be sure to check out our article about the meaning of black diamonds).

As the name suggests, these rings come with a black diamond, and depending on the style you go with, they can impress almost anyone you plan to gift it. Also, though the color of the diamond is the same, which is black in all types of rings in this particular segment, the style and designs can still vary quite a bit. Hence, this ensures that it would leave you with quite a lot of options to choose from, depending on your or your partner’s preferences.

They are usually priced quite high…

However, one major issue associated with these rings is the tremendously high prices. Some particularly well designed ones among these seem to be costing in the thousands of Dollars. This may disappoint quite a few, as not everyone can pay such hefty prices.

So where can I find cheap black diamond engagement rings?

Finding cheap black diamond rings can be though, especially if you don’t know the right places to look for. Offline jewelers seem to be costing quite a lot of money for even some modestly designed rings. Hence, they don’t seem to be the best place to turn to for getting a beautiful looking engagement ring.

You can, however, look forward to Amazon. Its huge marketplace seems to be offering a ton of options for these type of rings, and you will surely find the perfect design that you are looking for, regardless of how simple or complex you want the rings to be.

Furthermore, besides the huge variety, the surprisingly low prices are another thing Amazon can boost of. Amazon, being a huge global marketplace, can manage to offer such rings at prices way lower than your local jewelers.

Here a 3 great examples of perfect black diamond rings from Amazon:

1.50 Carat (ctw) 10K Gold Princess Cut Black & Round White Diamond Bridal Engagement Ring Set 1 1/2 CT

2.01ct Black Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Wedding Set 14k Black Gold Rhodium Plating Over White Gold

10k White Gold Black and White Diamond Waves Ring (1/2 cttw, I-J Color, I2-I3 Clarity)

Customer reviews are your friend

What more, along with surprisingly low prices and stunningly superb designs, one will also have the option to go through the numerous customer reviews a lot of such rings have got from their past customers. This will allow you to know whether the particular ring you are thinking to go with is actually the same as described or not, the quality it is of, how good it actually looks, and much more. You definitely shouldn’t underestimate the value these customer reviews can give you in regards of choosing the best black diamond ring, without emptying your pockets.

Finding Perfect Diamond Promise Rings for Her at Surprisingly Low Prices

Diamond promise rings are a symbol of love and a sign that a relationship will go a long way. A diamond promise ring is usually considered to be something that is given to cement a relationship, soon before getting into an engagement. It may also be something given before one gets a diamond engagement ring for their girl.

Some important info about such rings

A diamond promise ring comes in a wide range of types and styles. The price too varies quite a lot. However, one of the most important things one needs to take care of while getting a diamond promise ring for their girl is what exactly is her taste. You can get an all expensive and attention seeking ring, but it wouldn’t actually be a good idea if the other person likes something rather simple and pure. Hence, the first thing to do would probably be to make sure what type of ring will be liked by your soon-to-be-partner.

The price factor

Now, coming to the price, though a diamond promise ring is usually cheaper than a diamond engagement ring, it doesn’t actually seem very cheap overall. Yes, one can seemingly find quite a few good options in the range of $100 to $500, but not all of them will probably be decent ones, especially the ones offered at around the lower end of this price range. Also, shelling out a lot of money on just getting a diamond promise ring may not be a very good idea, as you will also probably need to get a diamond engagement ring soon enough as well. However, on the other hand, getting something that lacks luster may be quite disappointing as well. So, what is the way out? Let us find out below.

Finding a savior

Well, so after going through the situation above, one definitely needs to find a way out that will help them find something attractive and beautiful but at a price they can easily afford to pay. Sounds very challenging, doesn’t it? However, in fact, it is quite easy. It is just that we are all too obsessed with the local jewelers in our area to think of anything creative.

Online retailers are known for offering quality products in all categories at very reasonable prices throughout the world. Rings are no exceptions as well, including the likes of diamond promise rings as well as many other different types of jewelry. In fact, one may be able to find some really gorgeous and stylish looking diamond promise rings at just around $100 to $200, and maybe even lower.

Advantages online retailers enjoy over offline sellers

On the other hand, one would hardly be able to find many moderately decent looking promise rings at the same rates offline. After all, the Internet is a huge market. Retailers deal in rather bulk quantities, hence helping them control the costs considerably better than offline sellers. Furthermore, besides dealing in large quantities, they don’t have to incur quite a few other types of costs which are rather common only for the offline sellers. The wide range of designs and styles they offer in the rings market is a huge plus as well. Hence, anyone looking to get a diamond promise ring for her can definitely consider doing so on online marketplaces.

For more stunning Diamond Promise Rings follow this link!

Cheap Wedding Rings Sets for Him and Her – Does Buying Them Online Mean You Pay For Low Quality?

Wedding rings definitely are something very special for any couple out there. All couples will probably want something they can look upon and remember as THE symbol of their love. Also, no one likes to go with anything like ordinary and rather desire something that would stand out from the rest.

Why local jewelers don’t seem to be a very good option

However, getting sets of wedding rings can be quite expensive, especially if you don’t know the right places to look for. Most of the jewelers seem to be charging quite a sum for even some simple looking wedding rings. Getting something that stands out might be well outside the reach of someone who doesn’t have a huge budget to look forward to while going for such ring sets. Hence, just going with a popular jeweler in your area doesn’t actually mean that this is the only option for you. It also doesn’t seem to be a very wise idea, especially if you don’t have a very high budget, but also don’t want to compromise on the quality or looks of your wedding rings set.

Where to look for then?

You’d now probably ask yourself, if not the local jewelers, where else to look for a quality wedding ring set then? Well, the answer is pretty simple. You don’t need to go anywhere else than just set your Internet on and head over to Amazon. Yes, you read it right.

Amazon is a huge marketplace, and offers products of almost all the categories. Wedding and engagement rings are no exception. In fact, a simple search for these rings on the site will reveal that they have a rather wide range of options for almost all types of couples. Regardless of what your budget and preferences are, there will almost always be something in store for you. That is one of the primary benefits of purchasing wedding ring through Amazon than your local jewelers. There are quite a few other benefits as well. Some of the major ones are being explained below:

Surprisingly low prices

For rings which would otherwise usually cost well over a couple of hundred Dollars, you can find exactly the same types for less than $100. There even seem to be some priced as low as just under $30, which are surely not of the greatest quality, but on the other hand won’t cut all too deep into your budget.

However, even if you want to go with some particularly decent wedding ring set which are sure to stand out from the lot, you can still get them for well under $200, without any big compromises in terms of quality.

Stunning designs

As Amazon is a global marketplace, you will have the option to choose from a wide range of designs from well-named vendors. There are ring designs which contain gemstones like blue diamonds for example or those which lack any type of stones and are only made from pure gold or sterling silver. The list of different designs that you can find online is almost endless. However, marketplaces like Amazon make it extremely easy to filter through all their offers, helping you to choose only the best, yet cheap wedding rings sets for him and her. Be sure to read the reviews that users have already posted on the Amazon listings and also have a look at our reviews here on for more in-depth information.

Where Can You Find Cheap Engagement Rings for Under 100 Dollars?

When it comes to engagement rings, most of the people feel that they have to shell out a huge chunk of money just to get a decent pair. Engagement rings have usually always been associated with hefty costs and something not everyone can afford. And maybe rightly so, as getting a decent looking engagement ring can mean paying an expensive price, especially if one is going for an offline purchase through some jewelers.

The online advantage

However, the picture can be dramatically different if you have decided to go online. After all, the internet ensures that no product stays overpriced or expensive, and this includes engagement rings as well. Yes, one can indeed find quite a lot of decent engagements rings for a surprisingly low price. They just need to know where to look for. If you are searching on the right place, there is no way you can’t get a beautiful engagement ring well within your budget.

Where to look for?

Well, when it comes to online shopping, are there many better options than the online retail giant Amazon? I guess not. Amazon has become a massive online marketplace, offering almost every product one can imagine of. This includes engagement rings as well, including cheap ones that fit your budget.

Click here for more Engagement Rings under $100

Why Amazon?

The major difference between buying an engagement ring offline from some jeweler and buying through Amazon is the dramatically lower price. Yes, you can probably choose any budget you want and still manage to get a surprisingly good looking ring within it.

To explain it a bit deeper, let me ask you one thing. Can you ever think of laying your hands on an engagement ring that costs less than 100 bucks and still looks as good as a tremendously high priced one out there? I know it sounds too good to be true, but Amazon enjoys a lot of advantages over offline jewelers, which has made it possible for it to offer almost every product at a surprisingly low price.

As far as getting precise is concerned, you can find cheap engagement rings for under 100 Dollars on Amazon, which look surprisingly beautiful and attractive. A simple search on the site for engagement rings will flood you with a ton of options, with some even being as low as well under $20.

Great looks plus affordable prices

And no, low price doesn’t necessarily mean low quality or ugly looks in this case, as you will also be able to go through the numerous reviews such products have got from their past customers. In most of the cases, you will find that the customers are more than happy with these rather cheap engagement rings. What more, the looks they come with can probably be compared to any decent expensively priced engagement ring out there.

In fact, you will probably also be able to find reviews of customers who have been using such cheap engagement rings from Amazon from a long time now, and are still perfectly happy with them. The reason is that these rings, despite costing significantly lower, are of an impressively high quality.

Get Trendy – Get Pink Diamond Engagement Rings in 2015

Marriage as an institution has been around long enough to teach us that some traditions remain undaunted. Even so, the fact that weddings keep a close relation with customs and traditions, this does not mean that everything we do on our wedding day should be traditional. In fact, more and more couples are daring to travel the road less taken and seem to be experimenting with less orthodox choices.

Nobody seems to know exactly why, but many ladies are turning to more exotic stone alternatives when it comes to choosing their rings. If your bride-to-be is not the typical diamond girl, then maybe you should seriously consider getting her any of the beautiful pink diamond engagement rings available these days.

If you still feel unsafe about making such a radical choice, help yourself to this useful information on pink gems. Pink has been in fashion among jewelers for some time now and the trend shows no signs of reversing. Romantic, vibrant and warm, this color can be achieved through a wide array of gemstones that range from the most expensive to more popular alternatives. Pink diamonds are definitely the classiest of them all, and the rarest, of course. Provided you could even find one –pink diamonds are hard to find- purchasing one would mean spending a fortune, at least. Therefore, other more affordable alternatives have grown strong lately and can be purchased at reasonable prices.

Don’t wait until you go on your honeymoon to go wild, let your imagination run amiss and consider any of these three ring alternatives.

14K Pink Gold Morganite and Diamond (1/4cttw, H-I Color, 12-13 Clarity) Engagement Ring, Size 7

Let your romantic flare while out as you surprise your girl with this unique piece:

Gemstone Showroom: Even in the age of mix and match, it is difficult to find the exact gem combination within the same ring. It seems that the jewelry makers who worked on this beauty found just how to do it. By inserting a single pink gold Morganite in the middle, they managed to give the ring a somewhat dramatic effect. Not satisfied with that, they surrounded the pink stone with smaller, but extremely shiny diamonds. What is the effect? Simply royal-y! Even when the central stone is not a pink diamond, who could afford it anyway? The ring looks equally beautiful.

Positive Rating: Another reason that has led many shoppers to this unique piece of jewelry concerns its expectation rate. Nine out of ten people felt that the ring was more than they expected in many ways. But exceeding expectations is not the only positive quality you can find in this ring. Size (width and stone size) seem to be the causes for so much contentment: the ring is actually larger than it appears to be and much more beautiful than shown in the pictures.

Breathtaking Shades

Breathtaking Shades

0.32 Ct Round Certified 14K White Gold Pink Diamond Solitaire Ring

A classic among the outlaws, this delicate engagement ring has been created for the sensitive in spirit. Rare, romantic and attractive, this 14K white gold band offers a lot more than showcased. For further details click here:

Here are some of the reasons many turtledoves have chosen it as a reminder of their love:

Single Diamond: Even when the gemstone is barely 0.32-ct, since it is a single natural diamond of excellent finesse, the effect is definitely impressive. Of superb cut, slightly included and highly-attractive, the diamond is the central piece in this engagement ring.

Fair Pricing: It is said that most works of art are priceless. However, some pieces of jewelry can be purchased at an affordable cost. It is not often to find such fine craftsmanship within this price range, this is why many grooms-to-be have made it their final choice.

Single Pink Diamond over White Gold Band

Single Pink Diamond over White Gold Band

10k Pink Gold Morganite, Rhodolite and Diamond (1/10cttw, H-I Color, I2-I3 Clarity) Cushion Ring, Size 7

A gorgeous ring to bring back memories of Baroque-esque fashion: tri-stone inserts blended into the solid glow of pink gold.

Why should I purchase it?

Gemstone Galore:

What attracts shoppers to this unique piece is the variety in stone display. Three different gems have been used to ornament the ring: Pink Morganite, violet Rhodolite and shite diamonds. Several round 0.15 ct white diamonds have been used to provide the appropriate setting for the colored stones. By following the strictest standards set by the Kimberly Process, these diamonds provide top-quality to the engagement ring. Eye-catching and rare, purple Rhodolite (meaning rose-stone) gemstones have been used to enhance the natural beauty of the central stone. Not frequently found in pink diamond engagement rings, Rhodolite garnets would naturally appear as transparent red gemstones. However, this natural shade may range from a rose-pink, purple-red or raspberry-reddish tone to a deep-purple one, as in this case. This array of colorful stones is crowned by an oval pink Morganite. The natural, untreated Morganite stone boasts an optimal cut of I2-I3 minimum clarity.


Top-Class Metal:

This engagement band has been made with the finest 10k pink gold. Weighing 3.62 grams, the band offers the exact complement for the superb gemstone work.

Read more about the qualities of this engagement ring here:

Graceful Array of Gemstones

Graceful Array of Gemstones

Pink Diamond Engagement Rings: Product Specifications

Since all three rings may be equally attractive to the keen shopper, we offer the following comparison table to help you in your quest. Take a look at the details yourself and make your final pick.

Item 14K Pink Gold Morganite and Diamond (1/4cttw, H-I Color, 12-13 Clarity) Engagement Ring, Size 7 0.32 Ct Round Certified 14K White Gold Pink Diamond Solitaire Ring 10k Pink Gold Morganite, Rhodolite and Diamond (1/10cttw, H-I Color, I2-I3 Clarity) Cushion Ring, Size 7
Materials 14K Rose Gold-0.25 White Diamonds- Natural Pink Morganite 14k White Gold-0.32 Ct Natural Pink Diamond 10K Pink Gold – Rhodolite- Morganite -0.15 Ct White Diamonds
Size/Weight Size 7- metal Weight: 3.31 Grams Size 7- 1 Gram Metal Weight Size 7- 3.62 Grams Metal Weight
Price $457.51 $485.00 $455.87

Customers’ Reviews and Final Comments

The statistics concerning customer satisfaction regarding the purchase of any of these pink diamond engagement rings is more than satisfactory. Reviewers value the products’ design and quality, plus the added value that comes with the meaning each ring helps to convey. Brilliance is another cherished quality, attracting even the strictest shoppers.

It is true that a small number of buyers regret the fact that manufacturers have failed to provide a wide range of ring sizes. Moreover, the fact that these models are not resizable, could be seen as a downside for other prospective shoppers. Even so, a number of optimistic ring-owners have shared their personal experiences of having had the ring resized with their jeweler. Albeit paying extra costs, these reviewers claim to feel 100% satisfied with the purchase. After all, with such a convenient price, any adaptation would not add much more cost to the final budget.

Go bold and let your heart run wild; if your girl loves pink and wishes to feel like a princess out of a fairy tale, this may be your chance to turn yourself into prince charming for her.